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Why PEAKS Lifestyle Members Get Results that Last

Here at PEAKS Lifestyle, we get a lot of questions about "how it all works". Our whole business model is built around getting our Members the lasting results that they want. Let's dive into why our system has helped so many people achieve their fitness goals!

First things first: We're not trying to knock gyms that offer unlimited access to their equipment for super-low rates, but even though these gyms using this model seem to be accessible everywhere, a lot of people just aren't getting any healthier. The experts at Participaction even went so far as to describe the state of things as "an inactivity crisis among adults living in Canada" in their most recent Report Card on Physical Activity. Big yikes. While drop-in gyms are a great resource and any movement is always going to be better than none at all, we're not convinced that this model is working for most people, so we don't use it.

More than just "a gym," PEAKS Lifestyle offers is a place to be coached in forming new habits with a focus on movement, mindset, nutrition, and recovery. Come to your session, and your personalized program is ready and waiting for you. The Coach on the Floor will be circulating, providing education and correction (and that extra push when you need it). These aren't one-size-fits-all classes! Your program is yours, developed by your appointed Coach, who knows your goals and your habits and who checks in with you regularly to see how things are going (yep, there's an app for that). Your Lifestyle Consultation (which is 100% free) will help you clarify your goals as well as providing an assessment of how your body is currently moving. After you get started, your progress is measured with standardized tests every 3 months. We even stay on top of your attendance so a missed session never becomes a missed week or month of workouts.

"PEAKS Team," we hear you saying, "You have so many contract options. Wouldn't it be easier to have a flat membership fee and just let me train whenever I want to?" It might be easier, but we don't think it would be very helpful. You know how around New Year’s lots of people are feeling motivated to work on health-related goals, so they sign up at an inexpensive drop-in gym and go hard for a little while, maybe a few weeks, and then they stop going completely? They burn themselves out, lose motivation, and fail to establish the new habits that will make their results sustainable in the long run. We refuse to let that happen to you! While we're sure you're awesome and we'd love to hang out with you as much as possible, if your current workout schedule is "0 sessions per week," then it might not be sustainable to jump into a schedule of training 5-times-a-week. Or maybe for you, it would be! This is why a Lifestyle Consultation is key, because it helps our Team get to know you as an individual, and make recommendations that will work for you. Whether you're working out for the first time in years or you're a top-tier athlete with dreams of winning an Olympic medal one day, our goal is to get you in the habit of keeping up with a manageable training schedule that's easy for you to keep consistent. Why? Because it's the consistent practice of healthier lifestyle habits that's going to change your health and performance for good.

As for those flat membership fees, a lot of gyms force you to commit to at least a year’s worth of payments when you sign up, so when your motivation flags and you stop going, you end up spending money on a gym membership that isn't making you the slightest bit more active. The last thing the PEAKS Team wants is to sit back and profit off people who aren’t actually improving their health and performance. We're trying to change lives here, people! We know that someone who leaves PEAKS after training on a consistent schedule for 12 months is more likely to keep up their new habits going forward, compared to a gym-goer who stops after only a month, but we also want you to have options. Commit to 1 month to get a good feel for what Semi-Private Training can do for you, 3 months to see noticeable results, or 12 months for a life-changing impact.

Speaking of choices, are you wondering how to decide how frequently you should come for sessions each week? There's no way around it: Achieving physical goals takes time and effort, and we encourage you to question anybody who tells you otherwise. Our Coaches will tell you exactly what you'll need to put into it to get the results you want. While only you can determine how much time and energy you're able to invest in your training, a Coach can provide valuable education and insight during your Lifestyle Consultation. The decision about how often to train is all yours. Our job is to make sure that decision is well-informed.

There's a lot of conflicting information out there about how to improve your health and performance, and the Coaches at PEAKS Lifestyle are here to help you understand what really works (and what doesn't). We'll make sure you don't do too much too soon, and hold you accountable when your motivation dwindles. Achieving health and performance goals requires an investment of energy and effort, and although your body will appreciate the benefits of movement the moment you begin, it takes time to get visible results. Delayed gratification is tough in a world where we're used to getting what we want when we want it, but we won't let you quit! We'll even try to make it fun.

Are you ready to fight the inactivity crisis and get started on the path to results that last? Contact us today to book your complimentary Lifestyle Consultation.

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