Semi-Private Training

Your personally-tailored, goal-oriented workout plan will get you the results of working with a personal trainer without the expense. Your assigned coach will send you your workout plan, communicate with you, and track your progress using our fitness app. Choose how many times each week you want to work out at the PEAKS facility and work on your personalized program while sharing the gym with up to 4 other members. Starts at $29 per session.

Private Training

If you want your coach's undivided attention during your workouts then work with us 1-on-1. Go for private training if you're looking to ease into it, returning to training after injury, or even if you're just not totally confident in a gym environment yet (we'll get you there). Also a great option for elite athletes. Starts at $85 per session.

Team Training

For sports organizations and teams. Give your athletes a competitive edge and keep them performing at their best during the off-season. 3 training package options available.

Online Training

Want to work out from the comfort of home? We offer remote delivery for all of our training options. Get the best at home workout plan based on your goals. Contact us for details.

Ready to take action?

You Qualify for a Complimentary Lifestyle Consultation.

Take an hour to meet with Curtis Wilson, Coach and Owner of PEAKS Lifestyle, and gain insight into your history, current habits, and goals. A brief movement screen, complete with take-home report, will identify your unique opportunities for improvement. Our Team is proud to offer this service free of charge to anyone driven to take the next step in their health & performance.



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