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In sports and in life, injuries and chronic pain can cause unnecessary setbacks. Meet with our Recovery Team to treat pain and take preventative measures. Choose Chiropractic or Registered Massage Therapy to assess, treat, and train for sustainable results. 


Our Chiropractor, Dr. Ricky Singh, can treat any condition related to the nervous system, muscular system or skeletal system in any part of the body (not just the spine). His unique treatment style integrates movement based training, so depending on your condition, you'll experience a combination of active and passive therapy with each treatment. During your hour-long initial assessment, a full-body movement assessment will determine your strengths and limitations, followed by a localized orthopedic assessment on the area that may be injured. You'll receive a diagnosis of your condition as well as a treatment plan including a discussion of how much therapy you will require, what types of therapy will be performed, and whether further diagnostic imaging (xrays/MRI/ctscan) will be required.

Chiropractic Services

 Massage Therapy can help you: 

- Reduce muscle tension

- Improve joint mobility 

- Improve body awareness

- Decrease recovery time between workouts

- Bounce back from sprains and strains

- Correct postural imbalances

- Recover from injury in an efficient and effective way


Ana Vera is PEAKS Lifestyle's new registered massage therapist!


Ana started in the health and wellness field when she was 18 years old and was drawn to become a personal trainer after working as front desk staff of a commercial gym. She found great fulfilment in helping people get healthier by living a more active lifestyle. Eventually Ana found herself pursuing Athletic Therapy at Sheridan College, to be able to not only help people get active, but also be able to prevent injuries and rehabilitate them as well. Through her education, she fell in love with learning and studying (nerd), and pursued her Masters in Advanced Athletic Training from the university of South Florida, where she specialized in the paediatric population and presented her thesis on Ankle injury prevention for athletes.


Ana’s most recent formal education was for Massage Therapy, where she reinforced her manual skills and learned about sports and dynamic cupping and fascial Gua Sha techniques to help her clients through aches and pains!


Ana has had the pleasure of working with many sports teams and organizations including:


  • Nike crown League

  • Nike run club

  • University of south florida

  • George brown college Basketball

  • Mentor college


Her favourite sports to work with are cheerleading (it’s really intense!) and basketball. Her favourite exercise is back squats and her least favourite is burpees


Random fun facts: I want to become a holistic nutritionist as well as learn acupuncture. I love essential oils and my favourite country is Costa Rica!

RMT services



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