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5 Tips for Your Best Fitness Testing Results Ever!

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Written & Edited by Rebecca Payne

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It Pays Off to be Prepared

If you've been a PEAKS Lifestyle Member for awhile, you already know that we get pretty excited for Quarterly Fitness Testing. Whether you hit your goal or not, if you've been sticking to your program, you definitely made progress, and we love seeing your results and celebrating your achievements with you. To help you perform your best at your testing session, follow these tips from your Coaches:

1) Rest Up

It's always crucial to get enough sleep, but you really want to make this a priority when you know you need to perform at your best. Start making it a priority now to wind down early and get a solid 8 hours' of sleep in the nights leading up to your testing session.

2) Stay Hydrated

Did you know that a 3% decrease in your hydration can reduce your performance by 10%? (If this is news to you, please ask your Coach for your copy of PEAKS Nutrition Essentials.) Aim for 2-3 litres of water each day at a minimum to ensure optimal performance.

3) Fuel Yo'self!

Ever notice that there are more symptoms to hunger than just a grumbling stomach? You're sluggish, you're tired, you're dragging your heels... not the best state to be in for fitness testing! Make sure you fuel up beforehand with an energizing protein/carbohydrate based meal.

4) Refresh Your Memory

Take a moment to review your stats from last Testing Week so you know where you stand (and so you know the answer when your Coach asks you what your Goal was!). 5) Minimize Intense Activity the Day Before

No, your Coaches aren't recommending that you spend your whole day luxuriating on your couch, but keep your activities a bit more low-key the day before you test.

We hope you're as excited to show off your progress as we are to see it. Got tips of your own that have helped you hit a new personal best? We'd love to hear them, so don't be shy about sharing!

Current PEAKS Members: Be sure to book your Testing Session in advance. Click here to access the online scheduler.

Not a PEAKS Member yet? Click here to book a Lifestyle Consultation and see for yourself what living the PEAKS Lifestyle can do for you.

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